You may listen to this online radio interview on John Schmidt's progressive business leadership program (Zoom'd Leadership on Voice of America). We discuss the basics of my Integral Political Economy framework and my take on the U.S. Financial Crisis of 2008-09 using this approach.

You'll hear how there are less and more developed versions of conservative, liberal, and radical views of the economy and of the Crisis. We explore how to reconcile them and avoid common fallacies that caused the crisis and prevent implementation of sound reforms. I make use of scientific understanding of healthy and unhealthy expressions of developmental stages relating to morals, values, and guiding strategies to promote a strategy for healing pathology in the cultural learning line of political-economic understanding. This can empower the more developed aspects of ourselves that we have worked with in other areas of our lives.

(Original air date: 8/30/2010).

On a technical note regarding my immature/mature type fallacy, I only make use of the reductionist version here. See my article, Holarchically Embedding Integral Political Economy for the elevationst version.